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A 4-Step Bathroom Transformation

During my pregnancy I entered that well known nesting phase where everything needed to change so it would be just right for the baby. One of the rooms that bugged me the most was the bathroom and how cluttered it was. We had so many toiletries cluttering the side of the bath and the windowsill and it wasn’t what I wanted. We live in a rented property so adjustments to rooms need to be minimal and not damaging. I started browsing the web for inspiration and found 4 things that would make a tremendous difference to the way our bathroom looked.

1. Blinds

The bathroom is on the ground floor of the house and when we moved in it had no blinds to cover the window which put me off bathing at dark (because obviously someone was going to come into the back garden and stare through the window at night). So I went and improvised for a while with a shower curtain and some pins… genius right? This wasn’t exactly most pleasing to look at so I went and found some proper blinds at a decent price from Argos. I wasn’t able to put the blinds up straight away due to a mix of the blinds not coming with instructions and crying at the shapes not matching up right. Soon after Poppy was born I was able to get some assistance from my brother to help install the blinds and he made it look as easy as clicking ‘continue watching’ on a Netflix series. So yeah, that was great but we now have blinds so the imaginary person can’t watch me bathe at night. The only annoying thing about these blinds is when they don’t fully roll up after a certain time and they need to be rolled from the top. But like I say, it was a relatively cheap blind so I expected this.

2. Cupboards

I mentioned about how cluttered our bathroom was previously so what is the best thing for this? Cupboards of course. I searched through Argos and found two cupboards I loved. One was a grey under sink storage unit and the other a grey mirrored wall cabinet. These cupboards were flat-pack and I loved building these cupboards, but I got my husband to put up the mirrored cupboard (because I was pregnant and scared of the drill).

3. Candles

What is a bathroom without candles? Candles here, there, everywhere. I already had some mini pineapple shaped candles so these went on the toilet (what better place?). Then I went and looked at the Range and found many more candles, but I restrained myself and limited it to two candles; Cookie Caramel and Caramel Vanilla both of which smell delicious when burning. Unfortunately the Cookie Caramel one is no longer sold which is gutting but I still have plenty left to burn through.

4. Artificial Hanging Ivy Bush

Finally the finishing piece to bring some personality to the room, an artificial plant. During my shopping spree at the Range I found many artificial plants and one in particular that I knew would fit perfectly into the bathroom. The artificial hanging ivy bush completed the look for the bathroom as it was hanging over the mirrored wall cabinet.

So there are the 4 steps I took to transform my bathroom, making it less cluttered and more homely. There are some other bits and bobs I have added along the way to get that extra touch (e.g. potpourri, toilet brush holder and matching bin). However the 4 things I found significant to the transformation are the ones I have mentioned.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today and I hope you have enjoyed the read. Have you done any room transformations that have left you in awe? Or have any more tips on making a house a home? I would love to hear your views below.

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