Superdrug Pick & Mix Review: Rose Gold

It’s been over a year since I dyed my hair so I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly top in the class of home hair dying. Not to mention it is particularly difficult to do so with a little baby. So it has taken me since before Christmas when I home bleached my hair to this point where I am quite happy with the colour of my hair. I decided to go for the Superdrug’s own hair dye Pick & Mix: Rose Gold because I liked the colour which wasn’t too over the top but still me. For those of you who don’t know, I used to love having my hair different colourful colours and I wasn’t really one for your standard natural colours. So I thought I would go for this rose gold one as it is still colourful but less in your face.

Pick & Mix Colour Rose Gold


After going a year or so without dying my hair I attempted to bleach it twice and kept missing significant parts of my hair. So I called in my sister to help with the third set and it went light enough for me to be confident in using the rose gold hair dye. I know there are some darker bits in the photo below but this was the part of my hair that was being extremely stubborn even after 3 attempts of lightening.



The Pick & Mix hair dye was so easy to use with the instructions and having the bottles labelled in chronological order. I still had to double (triple) check I was doing things in the right order though (I almost always make mistakes). But I got it right and it was a successful dye. I also loved this hair dye because it is Superdrug’s own products and is cruelty free. The only thing I would say about this though is it does stink, I had to open the windows in the bathroom and kitchen and light some candles, it was worse than the bleach I had used before.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

The Result

After a 30 minute wait while the dye was on my head it was time to wash it out and condition. I towel dried my hair along with using the heaters in the car to blow dry my hair (I didn’t have time to use a hair dryer) and it felt so nice and soft. I didn’t get chance to look at it properly until about an hour later and oh so shiny. I felt like I actually loved my hair for a change and I really love this colour. Of course it was time to celebrate with a glass of the finest champagne (lol it was £6 Cava from Tesco but lets just pretend okay?).

Photo: Victoria Brook

I know the hair colour didn’t turn out a 100% match to the colour on the box, which I was expecting due to the colour of my hair before hand. However, I do like this colour and in the daylight it does shine sorta pink. I may go over it again in this colour and see if it gets any closer to the colour on the box (which will probably take me another month to do). For now though I am happy with how the colour turned out and I would 8/10 recommend using this product.

What do you think of this colour? Would you go for this colour? Or would you choose something more natural or go for something really out there? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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