Bored and Broke?

We all have one of those days/evenings where we have nothing to do and have to keep ourselves occupied. Whether that’s because of lack of money or simply because everyone else has plans. This is how I feel half the time these days now I have the little baby to look after!

Thus I have composed a list of things to do when there is no company and minimal funds. Ready?

The number one entertainment I would suggest would be to watch some TV series, I usually just browse through Netflix and attempt to find something which I haven’t already watched. However, this is dangerous in terms of procrastination as you can waste hours being hooked on a show! So, we must look for alternatives:

Get creative – whether this be drawing or writing the freedom of exploring your own imagination into new thoughts and ideas will most certainly keep you entertained. The great thing about being creative is you don’t necessarily have to be good at it, if you enjoy it then it is worth giving ago.

Take a walk – Ask a friend/partner/family member to join, if not then walk with the company of the best music (or for me it’s mostly accompanied by the baby). If it is raining, take a coat! Walking is refreshing and energy boosting, and if you can find the right places to walk it can be a mood booster as well as a boredom liberator! I’m so lucky to be living where I am now as my house is across the road from a park with a lake so it is easier to go out with the baby. I’m not ashamed to admit that most of the times I go for a walk it is to catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go. I know, it’s quite sad, but it gets me out and about so why would that be a bad thing? (It’s a great, addictive app – go get it). 

Photo: Victoria Brook

Games – Speaking of games, there’s another activity to add to the list. It’s great to find games with a good story and get stuck into it like Far Cry 5, it’s one of those games you can spend completing the story along with side missions. Saying that, I haven’t played Far Cry 5 in a while but it’s on my to do list for when I run out of things to do. Other games I go to don’t have a story line so you don’t really have to focus so much on what’s going on, such as No Man’s Sky. This game is great, you can endlessly explore space and claim planets, discover new creatures and plants and it is so relaxing. The other two games I go to play are Rocket League and Fortnite, these games have one ultimate goal to win. Or if you’re like me and don’t really know what you’re doing half the time, don’t mind if you don’t win there are other side goals to get ticked off, particularly in Fortnite.

Clean up – Nothing says boredom like a tidy room and if you have the whole day free then that is brilliant you can go on all day. Unless you are a really tidy person and never have any mess to clean up, in which case I show much envy. Currently I live with my husband and two cats and I can never seem to have the house tidy for longer than an hour. It’s only going to get worse in two months when the baby is here, so I’m 100% looking forward to that mess.

Write a bucket list – Then start planning. Writing a bucket list will spark inspiration and motivation to do things with a positive attitude. Then the planning can encourage time management and money savings and it will be a slightly productive use of your time.  Also this will get you excited for things you’ve never done! I found my bucket list from the beginning of University the other day and I’m impressed I’ve actually managed to complete some of them like having cats. Although there were a few on there that I haven’t done and some that I imagine I will never do now (I’m no longer young and fearless) but that’s okay because I’ve done things I never thought I would back then.

There’s a list of just a few things you can do as I’m sure most of you do much more. With myself this is dependant on whether or not the baby allows me to do these things, unless it is going for walks as this usually helps calm her down! What sort of things do you get up to when you are bored out of your mind with no one around? I’d love to hear your suggestions – especially if you have a baby! 

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  • Stephanie

    Hey Sophie @varietytales here from Twitter, I really enjoyed your post. I know the feeling of no company and minimal funds. So, I was interested to read your list. I love the idea of getting creative because you never know where your mind will take you. Thank you for sharing your great post. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more post.

    Stephanie Jay | Variety Tales:

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