Birth story: The after

I recently wrote about the birth of my daughter, Poppy, in an incredibly long post, so I thought it would be best to write the rest separately. In the various birth stories I have read and watched before I haven’t seen anything about the afterbirth part. But for me this was probably the worst part of it all so I thought I would write about it here.

So Poppy was born and we were enjoying our first moments together. In my birth plan I had opted to have the injection to help get the afterbirth and placenta out so it was time to get that injected into me. I had Poppy in one arm, the gas and air in my hand and squeezed onto my husbands hand with my other hand. Getting messed about with down by my vagina was making me very squeamish (even though I had just had a baby come out of there, weird I know). The injection is supposed to take about half an hour to work to help get everything out but that time passed and still nothing (of course).

Poppy had to be taken away for examinations to make sure she was okay as she had risk of infection. She did get weighed before though and was a nice little 7lbs 15 so not a huge size coming out, thankfully! At this point I was so tired as I hadn’t slept properly since the Saturday night (we were now on the Monday evening) and labour was exhausting. I just wanted to get it over with so I could spend time with my baby and get some sleep, was that going to happen? Take a guess.

Poppy was still out for examinations and still nothing had made its way out. They had me squatting over the bed at this point with some forceps up my vagina trying to get it out. It was so disgusting with the amount of blood and everything that was coming out, but not the stuff that needed to come out! They then had a doctor come in and try to get it out but then he managed to snap it inside me so it got stuck and there was no chance of it coming out on its own now. They then said to me that I may have to go to theatre and I was like ‘oh okay’ not really knowing what was going to happen because of the state I was in.

All of a sudden the decision was made, I was going to have to go to theatre (yay….). The midwife said to me that this would be a bonus for the stitching part though as I would be numb so wouldn’t feel it. The doctors went to get some papers for me to sign and as he went another doctor returned with Poppy. They said that she had some sugar water because she was very hungry and she had a cannula in for antibiotics due to the infection she had got from me. The doctor returned with the papers for me to sign and I can honestly say that I have no clue what they were saying or what I was signing because of my state but I went and signed them. As soon as they were signed I barely got chance to say bye to my husband and daughter before being whisked away to theatre. I thought they might have been able to come with me but no they had to stay in that room.

It was around 9pm by the time I had been taken into the theatre room. I was then told to sit up on the bed that was in the room and as I got from the one bed to the other one heck of a load of blood and stuff fell out. I then had to lean forward on the side of the bed so I could be injected to get numbed from the waist down. My goodness it felt so weird but I couldn’t feel the pain from giving birth so that was a bonus.

I was then lay down, legs strapped up and wired up to a monitor. I remember one person said just relax and get some sleep but I remember thinking ‘I don’t want to go to sleep I just want to get this done and go back to my husband and baby’. But I must have ended up falling asleep because it felt like 10 minutes, however, when I got to the recovery bay over an hour had passed. It was very strange being moved onto another bed with numb legs, then lifted and rolled by numerous people.

I got taken into the recovery bay where it was just me there and I was a range of emotions from thirsty, exhausted, numb and wanting to see my family. I had some water which was quite difficult to drink as I couldn’t push myself up properly and it was so so cold in there. Half an hour must have passed when I heard one of the midwives saying that they could bring Poppy and Kee in to see me.

I couldn’t have been happier when I saw Kee walk in with Poppy. We were then just waiting for a porter to come through to take us to the ward where we would be staying. I wasn’t really sure of what was going to happen next but I knew Kee wouldn’t be staying with us which wasn’t great but unfortunately it was the hospital rules. The porter arrived and Poppy was given to me with both of the other bags on the end of the bed. We were being wheeled away in the bed down different corridors of the hospital and then a midwife told Kee he couldn’t go any further so we said our quick farewells. Then there I was in the ward with Poppy in my arms and ready to figure out how to look after this tiny human.

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