Pumpkin Perfect

The last time I managed to get time to carve pumpkins was 3 years ago so I was pushing the idea of actually getting some pumpkins and a carving kit with my husband this year. I have talked about where I got these two pumpkins from for £3 in my Halloween decorations post and I would like to mention now that I got the carving kit from Poundland for only 50p! So overall it was a cheap buy to have some messy fun.

We had my husbands little sister over to get in on the fun and oh boy fun was definitely one word to describe it. If you’ve ever carved pumpkins before you will know that it should be relatively easy, especially when you only have carving stencils and knives that cost 50p. But have you every tried carving a blue pumpkin? Yes? Well you will know the pain we went through trying to begin to get the top off. No? Don’t even try it, they are stubborn and super difficult to cut through. I even got out the kitchen knife and it was a HUGE struggle.

Thankfully my husbands little sister decided to go for the blue one so they worked (struggled) together to get the insides out and the carving done. I was tragically (not so tragically) stuck with the orange pumpkin which was crazy easy to carve out, even when those pair had managed to bend every single piece of the carving kit! They definitely did a good job though don’t you think??

So there you have our awesome pumpkins for this year which such fabulous designs. Don’t you think they look awesome on our fireplace? Have you been carving pumpkins this year? What designs have you gone for?

Until next time!

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