Behind the Blogger: My Town and What it Means to Me ~ Part 1

I recently wrote a post on the places I’ve lived throughout the years and it got me thinking about the experiences of others in the places they’ve lived. So, of course, I tweeted asking if any bloggers would like to work with me on a collaboration post and I was SO shocked by the response! I was expecting maybe one person but when I saw the amount of people responding it filled me with joy. I thought this was only going to be one post but I’ve decided to turn it into a mini series instead. I wanted to find out more about my fellow bloggers regarding where they’re located and whether their current location has shaped who they are today. So enough from me! Today my two guest bloggers are Hannah from Frugal Bride to Be (who created the blog title for this post – thank you so much!) and Sinéad from Butterflies and Boundaries. Enjoy!

Hannah | Frugal Bride To Be

Hey guys! First off I would like to say thank you to @withevrysunrise for giving me this collab opportunity!

I currently live in Lincoln and have done for the past 10 years! – wow that’s crazy!!! I moved here when I started University, studying education and sport in the hopes of becoming a teacher. At this point I very vaguely knew the area, having spent two years here at college. My first year was spent in student accommodation, this wasn’t halls but was actually a house share. At first I felt like I’d be missing out by not being surrounded by loads of other people in the same boat as me, and was not looking forward to a 15 minute walk to Uni up a hill. For anyone who knows Lincoln the hills aren’t exactly little, our infamous ‘Steep Hill’ is called that for a reason!!

What I didn’t realise was that this gave me the opportunity to discover the city a little bit and get to know where I was going to be spending the next few years, the town centre was about a 5 minute walk away so lots of trips to the nearby Primark were made that year. We were however, quite far away from a large supermarket and the one time we tried to walk – in snow I add – resulted in me falling arse first down a bridge… not something we later repeated..

In this time, I met my current partner through work, something I may have given up had I lived in halls (work that is, not my partner), and learnt how to fend for myself in a rather large (I thought then) city.

The next year I was lucky in getting my own flat, officially living on my own and the opposite end of town from all of my friends it did take me away from the uni crowd a bit. However, I was happy with my life, being able to spend quality time with my partner and setting up our first home together. I am still in this same flat now, and have definitely grown into it! As you can guess after Uni I stayed living in Lincoln and apart from a year or so working in Skegness – a 2 hour bus ride away – I have lived and worked here ever since.

I live in ‘Uphill Lincoln’ and walk past the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral and Castle every day onto my way to and from work and also endure the lovely ‘Steep Hill’ that I previously mentioned. It really is a picturesque walk to work that more often than not I let pass me straight by.. Unlike some places where you don’t act like a tourist I have visited the castles numerous times and I have to say it looks different every time you go. If you ever find yourself in Lincoln then be sure to check out the little boutique shops on the Bailgate and then go for a walk on the walls at the castle – spoiler, you can see for miles!

I would say Lincoln has massively shaped my life, it has seen me through college right to adult life, I have met my fiancé here, we have a nice flat and I have discovered what I do and don’t enjoy with my career – I am no longer in teaching, actually only managing supply teaching for 6 months – and actually really enjoy being in retail and getting to meet new people every day! I have challenged myself and progressed up the career ladder with my current store and can’t wait to continue doing so.

However looking at the opportunities Lincoln is now giving me is slightly different.. I want to move on to the next step on the ladder at work, which means moving stores, as Lincoln is quite rural this will mean a minimum commute of an hour depending on which stores are hiring.

Me and my fiancé are ready to move onto the next stage of our relationship to, wanting a house that is ours and being able to spend a greater deal of time together – currently his main base for work is 2 hours away…

SO… here comes the big decision that we have recently made… after Christmas we will be moving. Lincoln is an amazing city and has almost been my longest home and we will both be sad to wave goodbye but it just doesn’t provide us with the opportunities that we want anymore. I got offered a better paid job in a much larger store with fantastic development opportunities, and it is where my fiancé is also mainly based so we have taken the chance and decided to go for it!

I can’t wait to make the move, lots of different emotions are flying around at the moment, we are going to be 2 hours away from his family and 3 hours from most of mine, in a much much bigger city and hopefully own our own home – with a mortgage and everything!

Keep tuned on my blog to see the updates and how we get on in our new abode come the new year! I’m sure we will be returning to Lincoln for visits so it won’t be farewell forever!

Sinéad aka Mrs Chalke | Butterflies and Boundaries

I was born in Maidenhead and spent my whole life here. With 6 miles between Maidenhead and Windsor, I feel I’ve had the privilege of growing up around so much. Central London is only 29 miles too and with so many links trains, you can be in London within 15 minutes. 

Maidenhead was home of the 2012 rowing Olympics which of course attracted array of people from all over the world, who wanted to visit this part of the country. We have the beautiful River Thames that goes all through Maidenhead and Windsor, with Windsor offering so many tourist attractions such as the famous Legoland Windsor, Windsor Castle, Eton bridge and Eton boys school which is still open to this day, and of course is famously renowned for both Prince William and Harry once being pupils.

For me personally, growing up here has taught me that I’ll never want to leave. When I’ve visited other parts of the country, I’m always so excited to return back here. There’s nowhere like it and I also know how extremely privileged I am to live here with house prices being their highest for a very very long time. My mother has owned her own business in the heart of Maidenhead my whole life, a beautiful little florist boutique in the town centre and she has made a name for herself amongst locals, my sister and I attended Oldfield Primary School in Bray, Maidenhead, which is home of a lot of celebrities as well as the famous Fat Duck restaurant owned by the Michelin star chef that is Heston Blumenthal.

Growing up here has shaped me as I feel I have a taste for the finer things in life, I enjoy nice things and visiting nice places, in the summer I love nothing more than taking boat rides along the river Thames with my darling wife, or walking along the river bank across Eton bridge. This is home to me and I’ll never ever want to live anywhere else.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading all about Lincoln, Maidenhead and Windsor as much as I did. Thank you so much to Hannah and Sinéad for sharing their experiences and telling us more about their town! Does anyone else really want to visit Lincoln and Maidenhead after reading this and seeing these photos? Watch this space over the next few weeks as I have some more amazing guest bloggers ready to share some insight into their lives as part of this mini series.

Until next time!

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