Halloween Decorating: Budget Edition

We are over half way through October now and you know what that means? We’re closer to Halloween, which of course means it’s time to get up those decorations! Today I’m going to share with you all the decorations I managed to find all for under £10! I gave myself a limit of £10 because I knew if I didn’t I would go way over the top and have decorations I would never use again. Also this because my husband is not as into decorating for Halloween as myself (crazy right?) and kept making sure I didn’t buy too many tacky decorations.

I took the trip to Poundland I had been putting off for ages (it’s always super busy in there) because I had seen some awesome decorations (and lots of them) for Halloween. Thankfully what I went it wasn’t as busy as it had been before and they had some cool Dracula voice overs on the self scanning machines which were hilarious and you 100% need to go and check these out!

First off, lights. You can’t go wrong with some fairy lights around the house, especially around this time of year. I was actually quite surprised because my husband picked up these bat lights which I love hanging over my fireplace. Then I saw some spider lights and he hates spiders so I got these and managed to hang them up high enough so no one walks into them!

The next thing I saw in Poundland kind of confused me because it didn’t seem like it should be a Halloween decoration but more like Christmas decorations. It was tinsel I had seen and looking closer it has some skull faces around the edges and I suppose it is a green colour which is Halloween-y but I still don’t quite understand? That didn’t stop me from getting it though, what can I say I’m a sucker for strange things.

As I have just mentioned I am a sucker for strange things I thought it only be fair to introduce the next two items I bought from Poundland, the rat and the ghost. The ghost tea light holder isn’t strange as such, it was something that yet again my husband liked the look of so we picked this up (it’s pretty cute though don’t you think?). The stranger thing is the rat, which we have named after my black cat (Oryx) because he reminds us of a rat sometimes. You can see a better picture of Oryx the rat in the first picture of this blog post if you wanted a close up of him! It also fits well because our other cat (Nala) does not like this rat and has attacked him/tried to eat him on several occasions which you can see in motion in the picture below.

Finally the last purchase from Poundland had to be something bigger to decorate a larger space. So what did we go for? Orange cobwebs and plastic spiders of course! I’m not too sure why it was orange but the choice of cobweb colours were orange and green and considering I already picked up green lights and green tinsel I chose to go for the orange. Of course Nala hates these spiders and cobwebs spread across the fireplace and tries to attack this on the daily!

So that’s my spend up to £6 now from Poundland for decorations. What’s next? Pumpkins of course! Later we took a trip to Tesco and saw they had an offer for two pumpkins for £3, bargain! I went for the traditional orange pumpkin and for some reason my husband liked the look of the grey pumpkin so we have a mixture of colour (I love colour).

There you have it, my Halloween decorations for under £10 and they are just what I wanted! What do you think of these decorations, do they look as cheap as they were? Where have you got your decorations from this year and what are they? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time!

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