Autumnal Decor

I went a bit mad at the end of September trying to get everything organised and getting my home feeling cosy in preparation for Autumn. There were several things I bought from The Range and Etsy shops which I spoke about using some of these in my photo props post. Unfortunately there was still a bare space on my wall and I needed to fill this up and cover the emptiness (nesting I’m guessing?). I was just casually scrolling through Instagram and I came across this amazing page Mermaidmoonchildillustrations and fell in love with the illustrations. So of course I just had to check out the Depop page advertised on this Instagram page.

I had a look through the page and found two perfect prints to fill the gap in my home. If you have been reading some of my Blogtober posts you will know that I am an avid fan of Tim Burton’s works, particularly The Nightmare Before Christmas. When I saw there was a print involving The Nightmare Before Christmas at only £4 I just had to go for it!

The next one I couldn’t take my eyes off was this Black Cat Halloween Pumpkin print which just looked too adorable online. I have two cats myself, one of which is a black cat with a white chest and a white heart shape on his back/side. This print just looked too good not to purchase. I absolutely love the design and it looks even better on my wall!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good enough photo of the prints framed on my wall due to the light reflection and position! But I hope you have been able to see how good these prints look framed. The owner of the Depop page was also able to provide a bundle deal for postage for me which I thought was really nice of her! There are a variety of other prints on this page which you should go ahead and check out if you like the look of these ones and are looking for some perfect prints for your home. You should also go ahead and check out her Instagram page and give that a follow as it is always an amazing feed!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and have some Autumnal inspiration for your home! What have you used in your home to make it cosier for Autumn? Also what are your favourite independent shops to buy creative works from? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time!

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